Reliable and effective off-grid communication

Somewear offers a satellite-enabled platform for those who venture or operate beyond the limits of cellular connectivity. With our best-in-class, lightweight satellite solution and user-centric software, Somewear keeps people in touch, informed and safe anywhere in the world.


to go downrange

Our advanced software solution and ultralight, compact form factor provides government operators, working under strenuous conditions, and their command-and-control centers a swift, dependable mode of mission-critical communication. Increase operator safety and effectiveness with Somewear.

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Satcom that can keep
up with your operations

Somewear equips every team with off-grid satellite communication so they can stay agile and informed throughout every operation. Our satellite solutions paired with our mobile app allow personnel to work effectively and safely even in the most remote environments.

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Share adventure-critical information

Communication is key for safer backcountry adventures. Be prepared for the unexpected with a line to safety in your pocket. Check in with loved ones or communicate directly with emergency responders in a worst case scenario.

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Advanced software platform

Somewear is at the forefront of satellite communication 
and has paired an advanced software solution with an ultralight, compact form factor to enable superior capabilities.

Communicate seamlessly and securely, track confidently, 
and trigger a distress signal in a worst case scenario.

Trusted by the most elite teams

Somewear is proud to support helicopter paramedics, firefighters, customs and border patrol agents, operators within the US Special Forces, and more.